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Fees &Payments


Dr. Bates accepts reimbursement from a variety of insurance companies as a means of payment for the services she provides. When possible, Dr. Bates will obtain an estimate of benefits from the client's insurance company and communicate the information to the client prior to the initial appointment. Dr. Bates encourages clients to also contact their insurance company to verify coverage. Please note that the estimate of benefits is not a guarantee of coverage. Clients are ultimately responsible for any fees not paid by their insurance company.


Standard & Sliding Scale Fee Schedules

Dr. Bates offers standard and sliding scale fee schedules for clients who do not have insurance coverage.



Dr. Bates accepts payment in the forms of cash, credit, debit, and check. 



Please direct any questions regarding fees and payments to Dr. Bates, and she will gladly answer your questions in light of your specific circumstances.

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