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Individual Therapy

Adults seek psychotherapy for many different reasons. Psychotherapy can provide a context in which to explore long-standing areas of difficulty, newly developed challenges, or painful experiences that were buried long ago. Psychotherapy can provide support for an individual progressing through changes in  life stage or circumstances and for those enduring the long road of life. It can also be a context for self-exploration, resulting in increased personal understanding and insight. Regardless of the motivating factors, through psychotherapy individuals can experience healing from past pain, growth through current challenges, and strength to face future circumstances.


Child & Adolescent Therapy

Children & adolescents come to treatment for a broad range of reasons: some have specific disorders or disabilities, such as ADHD or Autism Spectrum Disorders, some have behavioral problems or difficulty regulating their emotions at home or at school, some have experienced traumas or abuse, some have faced relationship difficulties or experienced significant life changes, such as moving to new locations, death in the family, adoption, or marriage/divorce. Regardless of the reason for coming, therapy is a place where children and adolescents can process their experiences with a safe and caring adult. Treatment will expand their understanding and appreciation of themselves and strengthen their ability to regulate their emotions and navigate through life. Through treatment, they will learn skills for coping with today's problems and gain necessary resources for successfully facing the problems of tomorrow.

Couple & Family Therapy

Couples and families may come to therapy as an opportunity to revitalize and strengthen struggling relationships and enhance those that already have a firm foundation. Through treatment, the family/couple will grow in their understanding of themselves, each other, and the dynamics of their relationships. Treatment will facilitate the transformation of their relationships into a source of safety and security for everyone and a context in which they feel loved and understood.



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